Cat Litter Trapper Mat Folding Waterproof Honeycomb Sifting Pad Protect Floor and Carpet Eco-friendly Light Weight EVA Foam

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  • XXL GIANT SIZE 39'' X 31'' Ideal for Multi Cat Households, Breeders, Veterinarians and Messy Cats., Kittens and even as Puppy Training Pad as there is space for 2 housebreaking pads between the two layers.
  • NO MORE stepping on Cat litter every time you pass the kitty litter box. Soft under foot and paw.
  • LARGEST DOUBLE LAYER CAT LITTER TRAPPER MAT ON THE MARKET With plenty of floor coverage to catch all the litter scattered around the cat box or pet pan.
  • NO MORE having to sweep around the kitty litter box every day. Spend less time Cleaning. Simply turn inside out or upside down to empty.
  • NO MORE Cat litter sand seeping out the edges of the Cat Litter Mat when you lift to empty it, thanks to EZ CATZ Exclusive Danish Design with unique inner seam to prevent litter from escaping when emptying, also sealed along the edge and sides